Sunday 10 February 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 25 - Bad Day for Eating

Breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Stayed away from meats, so no fretting there, but it was a terrible day for eating. I was extremely lazy and up until 8:00pm, all I had to eat was a banana and some nuts, which are considered to be healthy for you but when that's all you have...not so good. Just an extremely lazy day. Dinner was quorn and pasta again, so not an exciting food day.

However, in my day of laziness I did find a website called 100 thoughts and facts on vegetarianism. It contains facts about animal welfare, sustainability, environment and health reasons as to why being a vegetarian can be good for your health.

With five days to go, I am pretty certain I will not go back to red meat or fish. Chicken, I am still torn over. If I do go back to chicken though it will only be free range which is a step better than eating for battery hens and so forth. Unless anyone out there knows of where I can get some mock chicken products!

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