Saturday 23 February 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 6 - En Guarde!!!

Went to my first fencing class today. And well, it was AWESOME. That's right, I've even caps locked it because it was that great. Again, it was a small group of four, and one late comer. But everyone's on the same page and stuff. Doing it with Spatha Fencing. The two instructors we had were pretty good and were able to teach us the very basics quite quickly.

We ended up having a bit of a round robin tournament and I won all four of my games. Being left handed is an advantage to fencing but also coz I have such long arms, it is much easier for me to lunge my Foil at. Foil being the easiest of the three swords you can use.

The fencing mask was really claustrophobic initially and it's crazy the amount of sweat that builds up in there but definitely going to continue with this one I think. The groups seems pretty nice too. Was only supposed to be an hour long lesson but ended up running 40 minutes over. By the end of it, my arms were pretty sore but I felt good.

In the afternoon I headed back to the Gym and began my circuit which is as follows:

Warm Up
Treadmill 10 mins
Rower 5 mins = 1km

Lats Pulldown 3x15 at 20kg
Chest Press 3x15 at 20kg
Squats 3x20
Hammy Curls 3x14 at 40kg
Shoulder Press 3x15 at 20kg
Seated Row 3x15 at 25kg

Core Excercies
Ab Curls 2x20
Russian Twists 2x40 with 2kg ball
Alt. Arm/Leg Raises 2x10

Cool Down
Cross Fit 10 mins

I managed to do all of this - didn't feel as fatigued as the first day so I think that banana made a massive world of difference.

I was a bit nervous walking in and doing my circuit alone without my PT - gyms ARE intimidating - and even though the majority of it was filled with pretty fit guys, once I got into it, I didn't worry about that at all.

From little things, big things...
So every time I go to the gym and do this circuit I will update how I went and if I have been able to increase my weights...some of it was actually easy - the hammy curls and lats pulldown but I might wait a few more days before I think of expanding or adding more weights. Still very weak with the chest presses find them incredibly hard for some reason.

I also purchased some whey protein powder. And had one straight after my session and I really did feel a whole lot better. Although, since being back from the gym, which has been about two hours now, I have done nothing but lie on my bed. haha...

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