Tuesday 26 February 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 9 - Back to the Gym

Headed back to the gym this evening. Despite the pain and stuff, I am secretly looking forward to these gym times. Apart from getting fit, when I am at the gym, I am so focused on getting it done that everything else I am thinking about just goes away; which for me is a welcome relief! Just in case you missed it a few days ago, this is the circuit I am doing:

HATE these with a passion
Warm Up
Treadmill 10 mins
Rower 5 mins = 1km

Lats Pulldown 3x15 at 20kg
Chest Press 3x15 at 20kg
Squats 3x20
Hammy Curls 3x14 at 40kg
Shoulder Press 3x15 at 20kg
Seated Row 3x15 at 25kg

Core Excercies
Ab Curls 2x20
Russian Twists 2x40 with 2kg ball
Alt. Arm/Leg Raises 2x10

Cool Down

                                                                                  Cross Fit 10 mins

I'm already feeling my endurance is getting better. I can run faster for longer on the treadmill and can row a km in 4:13 seconds (another 9 seconds of my time two days ago). Less than a week ago, I struggled to make it in 5:02. Even the weights, they are still hard for me but easier at the same time. Although the ab curls just kill me. Each and every single one of them.

I've had quite a few friends comment recently and laugh about the fact that I am going to the gym now. "I can't picture you at the gym', 'what do you wear?' and similar comments are made. And even though I may laugh about it and make jokes about it myself, it's comments like this I think people need to be careful about making because to the wrong person it might be enough to turn them off out of fear or intimidation. Fortunately for the next 21 days I have no choice and hopefully by then, I just won't care!

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