Tuesday 19 February 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 2 - I joined a Gym

Well that's a lie. I joined a gym last week but my membership began today. Went to my local Goodlife Health Clubs. Fortunately it is only a ten minute walk from home so very convenient and hoping that when I do get to my 5:15am wake up calls, it won't be too hard. Fortunately today's start was at 8am so up at 7:30am.

Met up with my PT, Nathan, who I quite liked as he looks as exercise analysis and programming and nutrition as well as having a holistic approach to it all. We did a walk through of all the equipment an had me using some of it and assessing where I am at. Wasn't a strenuous thing, first used a few cardio equipment; treadmill, cross-fits and the rowing machines. And then went to the more strenuous stuff - working on backs, chests, arms and legs. I was quite shocked at how easily I became weakened by it and I did struggle to do a cycle of 15 on some of those. Guess I'm not as fit as I thought I was!

I was most certainly not smiling in my class
Had a half hour break and then jumped into a 45 minute spin class. And wow...did that feel like death! I managed to keep my RPM at an average of 79 but my resistance wasn't really set on high, my legs felt like jelly at the end and almost lost my balance when I got off. However, I did manage to keep cycling the whole time, even if I didn't reach the levels the trainer was asking us to meet but it's more about achieving a personal best and working towards that. I was quite happy with my results today and at least now I can start working on a clearer goal.

In the evening I headed off to my first Funk dance class at the Dance Factory in Richmond, and I was a bit nervous about this, especially after watching this BEGINNERS video:

The class was pretty small, only four others. Didn't really have a good connection to it and the instructor just jumped right into it. lots of thrusting and jumping and fast moves, it was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. It was pretty hard to keep up but I think I did quite well. Be interesting to see how much of I remember. Hopefully get to do a bit of pop and locking at some point!
One thing i have noticed is, that if you are focused on what you are doing, you don't even think about how uncoordinated or stupid you might look to others. The old saying that no one is even looking or noticing you is true - and if they are, it means they're simply not focused on themselves. So that makes me feel better.  

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