Monday 25 February 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 8 - Pump, pump it up!

My first pump class today. Was feeling pretty fresh for it, especially as I went to sleep at 9:30 last night and had 8 hours sleep! Haven't had that in such a long time! Pump has had to have been the most difficult form of exercise I have undertaken in the eight days I have been doing this. It was like the instructor said, it's not about lifting weights and being strong, it's about endurance. And I didn't have it. I kept going for about 3/4 of it, or maybe a little bit more. But at a few points, especially towards the end, I felt so weak! Even doing a lunge and my back leg was shaking like crazy! But I did feel good after it and I had no nausea or feeling bloated so maybe that was just my body getting used to it.

All day I was really sore and was grunting like crazy at work when I sat down or stood up - I remember reading an interview with Raquel Welch where they asked her how do you stay so young? She replied that she never makes a noise when sitting down or standing up. If that's the case, I am screwed!

After work I headed to my outdoor yoga class. Was really difficult as my arms and legs were still really tense and sore but I managed to do it. Although that damn dog pose kills me every time. I have really bad flexibility in my legs so I need to work on that. Loved having it outdoors today though as there was a beautiful summery breeze coming in.

Had intended to go to the gym in the evening but I did not feel that it would be at all beneficial to me tonight. I doubt I would be able to do even 10 squats - let alone 120. And chest presses? Forget about it. So instead I chose to rest up and to head over tomorrow. I think I did quite a bit today anyway.

It's been hard so far. The early mornings have been the biggest struggle. Being up at 5:30am. Body clock has a lot to get used to, as well as my body. And the encouragement I am getting from people has been really good and positive so that makes me keep going. Not to mention the fact that I would then have to state on this blog that I failed the challenge. Can't have that!

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