Friday 15 February 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 30 - And Scene

So here it is...30 days of not eating meat! Whoop. To be honest, I knew that I would never really struggle with this one. I'm educated enough to know that not every meal must have meat in it and for people who think that, you really need to broaden your horizons. Not saying become vegetarian but just not relying on having meat for every meal. Even once a week would be a great start.

So what have I learnt? I have become aware that the way animals are treated and killed for their meat is absolutely disgusting and barbaric. I have watched enough documentaries and seen enough visuals to really upset me and question the real reasons why I eat meat. And really, the only reason I could come up with would be because I love the taste. Nothing like a medium rare steak covered in garlic and some hot chips. Or a Coles BBQ Chicken. Or a BBQd sausage in bread with sauce. Even as I type this, I do not drool or yearn for the day I can have one. I go to restaurants and I skim past the meat options not even giving them a second glance. Why? Because I now know where that meat comes from and how it is processed. I remember hearing someone say 'if we had to kill our meat, almost everyone would be vegetarian'.

Since going on this challenge I have been eating healthier - still not as healthy as I would like as I find I am skipping meals and so forth but my junk food intake has decreased dramatically, in fact, in the last 30 days I have had Grill'd twice (vegie option) and chips from McDonalds once - and even that was a matter of starvation. I know there are health benefits from red meat and so forth but I am fairly certain I am getting these from all the other foods I have started eating these last 30 days.

The vegetarian challenge was supposed to be for 30 days. Today was day 31 that I did not have meat. I will continue to not eat meat but I may treat myself to a nice piece of chicken every blue moon but I will ensure that it is free range and not a battery chicken which is caged up in a cage the size of an ipad. Even though it is not the same thing as not having it at all, at least the chicken was not - for want of a better word - tortured all its life. But yeah, so I have said I may give in to chicken every now and again but we will see how long I can go without it...maybe I will never have it, who knows...but this challenge has certainly opened up my mind and eyes a bit more and given me the first step to leading a healthy mind/body and soul once more.

We'll see if the next one does the same thing!

PS> I didn't want to alter my original posting but when I went to add some pics I saw this horrible picture of a chicken and it just disturbed me so much I couldn't even look at it. Having just seen this I think it would now be near impossible for me to eat chicken. If you find it disturbing too and look away, I guess you need to ask yourself why? And what can you do to help stop it?

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