Sunday 3 February 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 19 - Tofu is healthy right?

tofu, pesto, feta, tomato and mushrooms
So today I cooked tofu for the very first time. I've had it before but never cooked it. I got a recipe for a tofu with mushroom sauce however I did tweak it a little and put in some vegetable pasta sauce and some spaghetti. Was actually really nice and filling. And again, easy to make.

I thought all was going well when a twitter friend told me:

"Ooh, hun, you might want to do some careful reading about tofu before you label it healthy… Fermented soya can be ok, but… :/ "

which has totally got me all confused because I thought tofu was like a super-food! So back to the internet I went to research and discovered the following...

From one website:

"Of course, tofu comes from a bean and doesn't contain antibiotics, added hormones and animal producst, but it's still - all together now - a processed food."

But then I found the following article, Is Soy/Tofu Good or Bad for you? and it seemed to dispel any negative comments on tofu, which I tend to agree with. Especially after having lived in Japan for two years and having seen tofu consumed quite regularly there. I guess like all things, in moderation - but I don't think I will start seeing tofu as bad for me. I think its good qualities far outweigh the bad.


  1. Me again :) if you're going to research vegetarianism you may add well research health as a whole. Learn about what they don't tell you on the news...
    That should be a good start for you x
    You're doing well! Keep it up! ( ^_^)v

  2. Thanks for the advice Hollie :)