Sunday 24 February 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 7 - Zoom-zoom...zumba!

Due to White Night I had 5.5 hours sleep last night. I swear, if I wasn't writing this blog I would not be going to these classes! But to them I must, so I headed to my first Zumba class at my gym. I had all these nerves again; would I be the only guy? Would I be completely uncoordinated? Would I manage it...the answers were yes, no and yes. I was the only guy but AGAIN no one cares who else is in the class and what their ability is as everyone is so focused on themselves. However, I did have a scan of the room every now and again and I must say, I definitely wasn't the most uncoordinated one and for the most part I do think I kept up pretty well. But man, do I sweat a lot when I get going!

Would live it if my instructor
wore that to class!
As soon as the class was over, I got straight into my gym routine. I thought I would struggle a lot more having just done zumba but I feel like I went a lot better. With my warm up, i spent 2 minutes longer running at 10kmp/h and I smashed my rowing time by 33 seconds and hitting 1km in 4:12sec! 

My circuit felt a lot quicker and I was more efficient in getting through the sets, don't feel like I struggled as much to get through them. By the time the core exercises came, I was struggling a bit and started feeling a little nauseous as I had not eaten for about three hours at this point - for breakfast I had oats with blueberries and a banana. 

I am feeling quite tense in my arms, legs and back but I am feeling a big sense of accomplishment whenever I leave the gym. I am a week into my challenge and I know I'm still in the pain phase but I do feel like the rewards will be great and am hoping a maximum of another week of pain and soreness before ti becomes a bit more natural - but I guess if that happens, it means I need to add more weights! 

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