Thursday 21 February 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 4 - But I don't wanna get up!

5:15am wake up call. So glad the gym is a ten minute walk from home. Had my first proper PT session today.

Nathan wanted me to get there a bit earlier to warm up on the treadmill, cross fit and rowing machine before we met. Did all that for 15 minutes and I either went way too hard for a warm up or I'm really unfit. I want to go with the former.

don't get too excited. I'ts not me but
this machine almost killed
So we did a circuit of shoulder presses, chest presses, back work, leg work and squats. 3 repositions of 15-20 sets of each. I started off well but just over halfway I started to feel a bit fatigued and weak - especially in the arms. We finished on the chest presses and even from our first meet up I knew they'd be my weakest. Had to stop the third set and lessen the weights by 5kg to 25kg and even then had to pause at my tenth and really force myself through the last time. Having said that, I found the squats and leg exercises still challenging but by far my easiest to accomplish.

We finished with some core exercises and by now I could barely roll myself over the mat but somehow managed to get them all done. Followed by a five minute warm down on the treadmill and I was done.

Utterly exhausted and sweaty - and feeling a bit nauseous - but I finished!!!!
I'm not sure if I should be going to the gym on an empty stomach or eating beforehand or snacking? I had water with me and finished almost the bottle by the end of the session but is that the right thing to be doing? Or is it just a temporary side effect from never having had exercise before?


  1. Few thoughts.....if you're having a proper hardcore session you should eat beforehand (but should be at least 1-2hrs before to avoid cramp/stitch). Its fine to drink water but prob better to only sip it and drink more afterwards as it can cause stitching if you're doing lots of cardio. It all comes down to finding what works for you. Awesome work so far tho :-)

  2. Thanks anon...I was sipping my water - i at least knew that much...haha...But if my PT session is at 6am, I can't wake up at 4 to eat. A friend suggested having a protein shake about half an hour before? Would you suggest this?

  3. Definitely need to eat beforehand! This is why I avoid working out in the morning, I simply can't wake up in time. If I do work out in the morning I get up an hour beforehand and will have either scrambled eggs or muesli.
    Protein shakes are good before hand, but I think better after. I think before hand would be okay if you were going later in the day when you'd already had food, but might make you feel a bit queasy if you have it as only thing in the morning before.

    I never take a bottle to the gym otherwise I'd down a good couple of litres. I just take sips from the tap in my rest time.

  4. It all comes down to what works for you. If I'm doing a session in the morning, I don't tend to have anything to eat but try to have a good meal the night before. Alternatively, you could have something like a banana. Ask your PT too, that's what you're paying him for :-)

  5. Thanks guy...I'm thinking of having a banana beforehand and then having a protein shake and breakfast straight after. Today I had a banana just before I went and felt a whole lot better. Will speak to my PT about it when I see him next.
    Definitely taking a bottle to the gym though...I have about 600mL throughout the workout. And that doesn't let me feel bloated or anything.