Tuesday 12 March 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 22 - But it's a Public Holiday!

Again, woke up with no motivation whatsoever. Had fully intended to go to my 9:30am pump class - which I actually enjoy - but I just couldn't move. I think it's the heat and also partly the fact that it was a public holiday threw me out a bit.

I did however manage to squeeze out a yoga session. Not the outdoor one I usually go to, which would have been fine had I been working but from home to Carlton and back in this heat....so instead I did my own hour class by my fan. And I think I needed it. After all that gym I was pretty tense and could really feel the stretch affecting my muscles and body. God it really feels weird saying muscle and associating it to my body.

One more day of this stinking heat and then I'm into the final stretch.

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