Friday 8 March 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 19 - Losing My Motivation

Yup, after 19 days I am struggling to keep the motivation going, and not for the next 11 days because I can do that as there is a light at the end of that tunnel. But after the 30 days. I can feel myself beginning that train of thought of 'i can't be assed', 'I am too tired' or - even worse, 'it's too hard'.  I almost had a nap tonight instead of going to the gym and that might be because I am tired and have been super busy these last few days but it has me worried.

I know that by continuing with this my body and mind will eventually thank me but there is never an end result with the gym. Ideally, what I want is to gain an extra ten kilograms as I don't like being 70kg at 6'3" but after that, if I stop going does all that come off again? By doing this 30 day challenge have in fact committed to a 30 year challenge?

It might also be the fact that I am doing so much fitness that it's losing its fun aspect and its novelty. I know once the challenge is over, I will do weight/cardio only 3/4 times a week with a pump class and on occasional spin class. Which in retrospect doesn't really cut much out at all, except for zumba. Definitely not doing zumba after the challenge is over. Don't even want to go on Sunday!

But anyway, I did go to the gym tonight - ran 1.5km in 9:24 seconds and rowed 1km in 4:14 seconds. Did well with the weights, struggled a bit today with the leg work, the squats and the hamstring curls but completed everything. I can feel my abs at work and getting stronger. That sentence was so weird to write. Me. Having abs. Wow. lol...still struggled to do 40 ab curls but it definitely did feel easier!

Had my protein shake as soon as I got home and now to have a bowl of pasta - is that bad?

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