Wednesday 6 March 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 17 - Just a Man and His Will to Survive

5:00am wake up call today, not so hard when you get to sleep at 10:00am.

It might have been a mistake going last night and this morning because everything was a little but harder this time round. It's weird, there are days I can do the circuit without a problem and then others, I struggle. Again it was with the shoulder presses - still on 20kg. Got my PT tomorrow and doubt I'll be "upgrading". I have however taken myself from 25kg to 30kg on the lat pulldown. Yes it is harder but I am able to do it so I think I'm doing the right thing!

On the treadmill I've managed to run 1.5km in ten minutes and my rowing is pretty consistent now at about 1km in the 4:15 mark. I'm hoping to eventually get this down to under 4 minutes and to get to 2km in 10 minutes but that's not a massive concern of mine.

The protein shake after the workouts has been having the desired effect on me, eating more as well so hopefully I will be able to gain some muscle. I weigh about 70kg and am 6'3". This has always been an issue of mine, as I've always wanted to put on weight and be around the 80kg mark. Everyone always says how lucky I am to be skinny and eat anything I want and blah blah blah but the reality is I HATE being skinny. Perhaps this is the whole media and society promoting the hot buff masculine man on me but I'm sick of being the skinny guy. Hopefully I'll end up with a "Sandra Dee" moment song towards the end of the run!

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