Saturday 2 March 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 13 - I'm Spinning Around

Don't mess with me
Second fencing class today. Starting to get a bit more aware of the technique and stuff. Just a bit frustrating playing against someone who just comes hurtling at you waving their sword all over the place and not through skill but just thinking that thrashing about quickly will win him points. It's a shame it's not an activity you can just do anywhere with anyone. This week wasn't as physically demanding as last week, think it's a combination of the weather being cooler and spending more time on technique and principles of fencing.

At the end we had a "last man standing" fencing battle - i won the first two until people realised i was a threat and had three people attack me in the third game. Felt a bit like Zorro...I took two out before getting 'stabbed'. Haha...

Was also my second Spin Cycle class today at the Gym. I was a little more mentally prepared about what to expect from the class and from myself. I paced myself a lot better and for the whole 45 minutes I didn't stop once. There were moments though where I thought my legs were just gonna give way but soldered on through various methods, mainly counting down till how long I had left or telling myself till the end of the song or set and then have a break but then I keep going on. What do other people use to keep their momentum going?

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