Monday 4 March 2013

30 Days of Fitness: Day 15 - We're Halfway There


Pump class this morning. Went much better today than last week. I guess being mentally prepared allowed me to pace myself and know what to expect. Did a lot of arm and leg work and yet again, realise how "weak" I am. Doing lunges with only 5 kilos resting on my shoulders and my legs are shaking like jelly.

My confidence in the class is building as well, not staring intently at the instructor watching her every move and understanding the lingo and what she she says is getting easier. I get confused though with pushing myself to my maximum and trying to do too much. Should I be lifting more weights and struggling through it or less weights and getting through it....not comfortably but not feeling the burn as much.

Ugh...worst pose ever
In the evening I went to my outdoor yoga class and it was a bit of a shambles, not only were my legs still recovering from spin class on Saturday but also the pump class this morning. So naturally, the instructor did a lot of lunges and dog poses - which I hate the most, have the worst flexibility in my legs. The hardest thing was trying to focus on being in the moment and I did that, for a second, and then thought about all the frustrations going on in my life and so I lost my balance a lot, couldn't hold poses and pretty much being everywhere but in the moment. I think that's why I am - yes, I will admit it - enjoying my workouts at the gym because it demands so much of my attention that I just can't focus on anything else.

I've got to say though, the encouragement and support I have been getting from people has been great. It definitely makes me feel like I can continue going on with it. My housemate has noticed that I stand straighter, a friend yesterday told me I looked really good and a co-worker told me he was jealous of my determination. So hopefully that will be enough to see me through the next 15 days, because oh how my body aches. Keep it coming guys :)

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