Tuesday 15 January 2013

The Eve of the First!n

Having turned 30 recently, I have felt quite lost and confused as to what my place in the world is right now...if anything, I feel like my life has regressed. My friends tell me, "My, you've done so much, you've lived in Japan for two years, you've lived in England for two years and a lot of people haven't done that". And that's all fair and good, but since coming back from England in 2010, there has definitely been something missing and for the life of me, I just don't know what.
Earlier today I was reading a friend's blog today about her 30 Days of Lady - in which she wore make-up and acted all lady-like for a month. This inspired me to make the 30th year of my life, my 12 30 Day Challenges Year. Those astute readers will realise I will have to continue into the beginning of 2014 (can't believe I am already thinking that far in advance!) but the OCD'er in me is fine with that - sort of!
From tomorrow begins: 30 Days of Vegetarianism. I went 6 months without eating meat in 2006 so I think this will be quite simple but you never know...anyway, I will try and post my daily struggles/musings and hopefully you'll enjoy them!

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