Tuesday 29 January 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 14 - Happy Cow...Happy My!

Today has been a big eating out day, lunch, snack and dinner.

Lunch was a falafel wrap at Trios where I discovered I do in fact love falafel but have no love for hummous. Really not my cup of tea. I sampled the 'chicken nuggets' at Lord of The Fries - which I don't know if it's obvious to people is strictly vegetarian and vegan 'fast food'. I am quite tempted to try their burgers next time I am around one.
However, both these meals did not really satisfy me. So I don't think I will be visiting them anytime soon. It will be more of a necessity than a desire.

For dinner, I used the Happy Cow app on my phone and discovered Mr. Natural Vegetarian Pizza in St Kilda. Happy Cow is a pretty good app; it lists all vegetarian, vegan or vegetarian friendly food places nearby with reviews, directions and links. Kind of like Urban Spoon but more suited to my needs.

Going on to the food, I was torn between the pumpkin pizza and the broccoli pizza. I ended up choosing the broccoli one which was a mistake. Not that it was bad, but the broccoli and rocket pizza I made last week was by far more superior and delicious. I will say the pizza was so filling I couldn't even finish it!

Tomorrow is my half way mark and feeling pretty confident. Hopefully these are not famous last words!

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