Thursday 17 January 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 2 - Swedish Temptations

My friend and I organised to pop my Ikea cherry - she needed extra shelving so we agreed to make an outing and also have lunch there; where I have long been told about Ikea's amazing Swedish meatballs.
Unfortunately this was decided upon last week, - BV (Before Vegetarianism) - so I was unable to sample them, which I was quite gutted about. I had to ask what was on offer for vegetarians as I almost ended up having some fish dish in error and even though there isn't a wide variety of food there, it was disappointing that there was only one vegetarian I settled for pasta with vegetable sauce and a slice of "daim" chocolate cake (the best chocolate bar in the world in my opinion). Ironically, that and my bottle of water was the same price as my garden salad from yesterday!

Ikea cafe - 1 point
Port Melbourne Cafe - 0 points

                              No to swedish meatballs :(

Yes to vegie sauce pasta :)
On a side-note, that cross and tick were the first time I have ever done anything like that in Photoshop before and it took me forever to figure out! Really not as technologically savvy as I thought I was!

It was way too hot today to go supermarket so dinner was pasta and ready made vegetable sauce. Spotting a trend? But I have gone online and found some really interesting vegetarian recipes from Eating Well that I am looking forward to creating. They seem quick and easy and there's even a few foods I have never heard of before; what's an arugula? 

Have gone online looking for any vegetarian related events or groups, and there isn't much. There seems to be a lot of vegan groups but not sure if there is any "hostility" between the two. haha. Even finding a vegetarian cooking class has been hard and still have not been able to find out. There is a vegetarian singles night coming up but I doubt it would cater to a gay audience...but maybe I'll go for a laugh, you never know right?

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