Sunday 20 January 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 5 - Vegetarian Foodgasm

Today it happened. Only took five days but I had my first vegetarian foodgasm. For lunch, I re-made the red bean tortillas from Day 3. Although quick and easy to make, I am not a big fan of it. Might become a sometimes food for me. But my foodgasm came from something I thought would not be that amazing.
Green (broccoli and arugula) pizza with garlic and pesto. The picture online did not look appealing at all but broccoli is my favourite vegetable. was absolutely amazing. Arugula (or rocket) is just perfect for pizza. Really filled me up too. This one is definitely going on the 'favourites' pile.

Bon app├ętit!

I found this documentary on Vegetarianism and although it was heavy on religions and eating meat - the beginning of it and its discussion on the the ways animals are killed - even in a free range farm - left me feeling quite disturbed. For example, the cruel way that male chicks are killed as they cannot create more chicks and they take longer to grow than their female counterparts.
In the hour I watched this documentary, it stated that 132 000 animals in the US had been slaughtered. And despite not having any statistics to back this up, I genuinely believe that this is likely.

On a lighter note, I also found this commercial promoting vegetarianism. A little bit raunchy but I am sure you can all handle it ;)

As a non-meat challenge, I think I am doing fine. As a lifestyle option, I am beginning to realistically question if I want to be part of a group that kills animals for no other purpose than for its taste. Especially as all the health and nutritional benefits we get from meat can be received from other non-meat food sources. As much as I love my meat perhaps my wants are not always as important as the lives of animals. And when I am discovering and eating the great food above it doesn't seem like such a hard choice to make!

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