Wednesday 30 January 2013

30 Days of Vegetarian: Day 15 - Halfway!

So today marks the halfway mark of my 30 day challenge. I have to say I have not felt tempted very much at all, even today when I was at a market research session and the light refreshments they offered were 90% meat. I didn't look at them twice and was more than happy with my fruit and vegetable wrap which was pretty crappily made as well...Literally a bunch of vegetables in a badly wrapped wrap.

However, I did end up chatting with a fellow vegetarian there and I was surprised to hear he has never had meat in his life. Vegetarian since birth. Interestingly, his girlfriend was a massive meat eater when he met her three years ago and now she is vegetarian. Which made me think, I am pretty fussy about who I date and if I don't think I could date a meat eater as I think that constant temptation would be too much for me to handle. So now I would need to find an attractive, successful, funny vegetarian gay guy! I mean, the options were already narrow to begin with - now I need to add vegetarian to the list? Might as well start investing in cats from now!

I was looking at a vegetarian friendly group earlier and someone posted this "ice cream" recipe with just using bananas! I love bananas so super excited to try this out! Have posted the picture below if anyone else is interested in making it!


  1. That recipe was on Masterchef too...its great if you have bananas that have gone black, saves wasting them and totally hits the mark for the sweet craving that people often have!

  2. Myronian this is one of my favorite raw desserts! So quick & easy, ssure to impress dinner guests. If you get on to making your own raw chocolate (also easy, its just agave nectar, cacao butter, cacao powder from any health food store) you can even make a healthy "ice magic" topping! No chemicals just raw goodness full of nutrients :) -hollie