Thursday 5 April 2018

Pepito - Melbourne International Comedy Festival review

Performer Viggo Venn, of Zack and Viggo fame, returns to Melbourne for his solo physical comedy show, Pepito. There’s a very goofy appeal to Venn in his tattered top hat and tailcoat. Using a select number of props and a loop pedal, Pepito is a great time to just be present in the moment and allow yourself to be enveloped by the comedy on display. 

Shows like Pepito, which require audiences to be more than passive watchers, take on a huge element of risk. Pick the wrong person and there is a strong possibility that they could completely derail your show. While this doesn’t happen on the evening in question, Venn works hard at making it look easy to stay in control. At one point, he has an audience member making the sound effects to his intergalactic quest to find his missing ball. While it’s unlikely Venn had anticipated he’d end up making out with a door called James, he runs with it wholeheartedly.

A running gag around cucumbers never stops getting old in the creative yet obvious ways that Venn milks - or waters it (You’ll get it once you see the show). Similarly, you could watch the opening moments of his show over and over and over again...oh wait we did, but it's the way in which Venn repeats it that the skill he possesses becomes apparent. 

The show description for Pepito states that 'if you like really dumb stuff then you'll enjoy this’. However, it takes a very smart person to come up with something this 'dumb'. Physical theatre and clowning require the ability to read the room and be aware of the audience and notice what they respond to. Venn might be more well known as half of comedy duo Zack and Viggo, and while these two are unbelievably entertaining together, on his own, Venn is more than capable of accomplishing this and providing many laughs with his Pepito.  

Venue: Victoria Hotel, 215 Lt Collins St 
Season: until 8 April | Tues - Sat 6.00pm, Sun 5.00pm 
Length: 60 minutes 
Tickets: $22 Full | $20 Conc & Tightarse Tuesday 
Bookings: MICF website 

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