Tuesday 3 April 2018

Now - Melbourne International Comedy Festival review

Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss claims his 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show So? was responsible for breaking up relationships left right and centre. This year, he returns to Melbourne with his new show Now, where instead of dissecting audiences' relationships, he has turned his attention inwards in an attempt to determine whether he is a sociopath and if he is, is it such a terrible thing? 

Sloss has a knack of raising contentious issues but remaining in control of the conversation and not getting carried away by the 'thrill' or the risk of what he is talking about. There is a purpose to everything he raises; it is not being said simply to shock, but to entertain and to inform us.

The show seamlessly flows from one topic to another and Sloss' transition from discussing the finer points of orange juice etiquette to murder feels absolutely natural - and logical. His ability to change from being an affable, charismatic man into a gleefully sinister creep in mere seconds is pure joy to watch. Now engages the audience with its relaxed conversational tone, where we can easily picture ourselves sitting in his living room, downing beers and having a few laughs. It connects with us because we feel like we are part of the show and not having a monologue thrown at us. 

The question Sloss raises throughout Now is whether or not he is a sociopath. We can all reach our own conclusions on this, but one undeniable, indisputable fact is just how skilled Sloss is at making people laugh at things they probably shouldn't and feeling good about it. Or maybe he's created an army of sociopaths and we just don't know it yet.

Venue: ACMI, Federation Square
Until 22 April | Tues- Sat 9pm, Sun 8pm
70 minutes
$26 - 32 Full | $22 Tightarse Tuesday

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