Wednesday 5 April 2023

Songs from the Heart in the Hole of my Bottom review (Melboourne International Comedy Festival)

Sometimes a little bit of nostalgia is all you need. And thanks to Aiden Willcox and Isaac Haigh's Songs from the Heart in the Hole of my Bottom we are taken back to the New York jazz scene in 1973. With plenty of musical numbers, witty banter with the crowd and wonderful improvisation between them, it's an evening where you can forget your troubles and just get happy.

Willcox and Haigh are in their element in this setting. They were definitely born in the wrong decade as they show their love and affection for the people and the music of this period. Their costumes, physicality and vernacular are very specific and it's clear they have put in a lot of research into the genre and theme to create an authentic experience.

There are delightful original songs, including one based on a purely fictional character, which might not be so fictional. There’s a lovely short surprise act with some peanut butter that only lasts for a brief moment but it’s indicative of the comedic skills these two performers have. Other acts/songs about the beautiful hair of a girlfriend and smokers cough are also brilliant executed.

The audience interactions are done well and it would be great if that could be a more prominent feature of the show. It would add a level of risk and excitement for both the audience and the performers in not knowing what might happen and seeing how they handle it. The pair play with each other quite comfortably so there’s no doubt their improv abilities exist.

It is hardly surprising this show won Best Comedy Show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2022. Willcox and Haigh have got everything right about the look and feel of the era and it’s impossible not to walk out humming along to these fantastic tunes, especially the titular song. It is fun to have fun, and Songs from the Heart in the Hole of my Bottom delivers in spades.


Venue: Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton
until 9 April | Tues, Thurs - Sat 9:00pm, Sun 8:00pm
60 minutes
$25 Full | $22 Conc and Tightarse Tuesday
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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