Friday 9 March 2018

Show Pony - Melbourne International Comedy Festival preview

The ball of energy that is Nath Valvo is back for another new show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Show Pony will be a deep dive into the mysteries of the universe and asking highly thought provoking questions like should Nath donate sperm and how exactly do you pronounce acai berries. However, don't despair as Valvo assures me this will all be done with his usual razor sharp humour and unique observations about the world.

"As my other shows, this will just be me banging on about as many things as I possibly can in 55 minutes. I get bored with the one topic for too long and I just assume my audience is the same," Valvo says. "I have a pretty big story to tell this year but the less people know about that the better. OMG hashtag no spoilers, guys!!"

While some performers might bring back a show to a festival or take a year off, Valvo has constantly presented new and highly entertaining work each year during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. "I really get off on the challenge of creating a new show each time. It's hard to do. It takes a lot of work and a lot of moments of doubt and fear over your new material," he tells me. "I'd hate to be going on about topics no one cares about, so I have to find a balance of the stuff I'm really into and what people want to hear about."

"As long as I'm brutally and uncomfortably honest about myself, chances are the material will hit a chord with people. This answer is very Oprah 'living your best life' b
ut when it works and it connects with people, there's no better feeling than that," Valvo explains. "Also, I don't think I can do anything else. My work experience outside comedy is a few shifts in a DVD store and a bakery for one shift that my mum got for me when I was 15. I'm still fuming over that; they made me work wayyyyy to hard so I quit at the end of day one."

With so many stand-up shows to choose from it's easy for punters to be uncertain about who to see and how one comedian will be different to the next. "(Comedian) Damien Power said to me once 'you're the only comedian I know that high-kicks a punch line', so maybe that's my point of difference," Valvo suggests. "I guess my manic energy does have a lot to do with it, I give a lot during my shows. I also try my hardest to do very clean comedy and very non-clean comedy in the same show. It keeps it fun!" 

From Almost 30 to Happy Idiot to Not In This House and now Show Pony, Valvo's shows revolve around him trying to sort out his shit, so what is going to happen once he does? Where does his comedy go from there? "I'm about to depress you, because no matter what nice 'life event' goes down, if you really look at it, you'll be able to tear it apart and find the funny in it :D And that's why I'm REALLY fun to be around. Kisses to you all, xxx."


1. My favourite board game is Scrabble because it's very easy to cheat. 

2. Which movie would you like to see turned into a musical and why? 
Death Becomes Her. I think it goes without saying. Rumour is it's going to happen soon. *Insert gay squeal emoticon*.

3. Which one person would you love to come to your show and why? 

Absolutely anybody that can go 55 minutes without checking their phone.

4. I will try to keep sane during MICF by eating dumplings. The heightened stress of the month is a great excuse to act like a pig.

5. Why did the chicken cross the road? 
Ask a dad.


Venue: ACMI, Federation Square
29 March - 22 April | Tues- Sat 7pm, Sun 6pm
55 minutes
$28 - 32 Full | $25 Conc and Tightarse Tuesday | $20 Preview
MICF website

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