Wednesday 21 March 2018

Diva Dive review

Moira Finucane is the artist who just keeps giving. She has dazzled audiences all over the world – most recently in Cuba – and her new show Diva Dive is no exception. With this show, Finucane focuses her stories around animals, specifically crows and auks, but such is the strength of her storytelling, you can instantly relate to their plight and in their ability to be hopeful and show strength in the face of adversity.
While the space at Hares & Hyenas is smaller than where Finucane usually performs, Diva Dive takes advantage of this intimacy while still allowing for a grandness to the proceedings. Performing in the round on a square stage, there are plenty of touches that make this show feel bigger than what it is.

Joining Finucane are the familiar faces of fellow divas, Mama Alto and Clare St. Clare. The three are captivating creatures on their own but when they join forces, the outside world ceases to exist as you are mesmerised by their presence and their acts. Mama Alto’s rendition of Des’ree’s “Kissing You” is so touching and heartfelt that you wish you could keep replaying it in your mind over and over. St. Clare similarly brings the room to a standstill with her very impressive performance of Rihanna’s “Diamonds”.

Finucane also enlists the help of some special guests to appear in Diva Dive and on the evening attended, the audience was fortunate enough to have two prolific artists on stage in Maude Davey and Yumi Imiumare. The barefoot Davey performs the world premiere of a monologue which explores our relationship with the land and to nature. Her narration of cutting down a tree outside her yard is devastatingly delivered and Davey shows masterful skill in being able to elicit such strong reactions from the audience. Imiumare shares the traditions behind tea ceremonies followed by a burlesque act that simultaneously honours and subverts these rituals. Throughout the evening she also walks through the audience making shamanic butoh tea for a select few.

When someone goes to a Moira Finucane show they are not simply entertained. They are educated and enlightened about the world around them and the people and animals who inhabit this planet. Diva Dive is no exception especially with Finucane expressing her concerns over fracking in the Northern Territory. Finucane highlights the impact this could have on animals in the area and the livelihood and survival of the Indigenous communities that live there and urges us to take action to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.

Diva Dive is a passionate, provoking and powerful two hours of devilish fun that deserves to have people scrambling to get tickets.

Venue: Hares & Hyenas, 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, 3065.
 Until 25 March | Thur- Sat 8:00pm, Sun 6:30p
 $20 - $68

Hares & Hyenas

Photo credits: Hustle and Bank Photography

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