Friday 30 March 2018

Double Denim Adventure Show - Melbourne International Comedy Festival review

It's anchors aweigh for the holiday of your life, where you can expect to unwind in the bananarama ding-dong lounge sipping mojitos to your hearts content. At least that's what is promised in Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew's Double Denim Adventure Show, but with these two in charge, it's not long before this cruise turns into a sinking ship and we are left to fend for ourselves in the jungle. 

As 'themselves', the two hit all the right notes with regards to both the comedy and their singing. The musical numbers - along with their choreography - are fun and energetic and allow for their sense of humour to clearly come through. It is evident how well these two know each other and they use this to their advantage in their interactions, always focused on making the other look good to elicit maximum laughs from the audience. Brasier and Frew are so finely tuned in to each other that they probably know what the other is thinking before they've even thought it.

While there are shining moments of absurdism on display, as an audience member you still want to believe in the reality that is being created, whatever it may be. With Double Denim Adventure Show you can never fully immerse yourself in this world and the reveal towards the end of the show feels like an easy escape for what has been presented rather than a genuine surprise.

One particular moment revolving around two crabs and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson goes on far longer than it should and the introduction of two women in the jungle is too reminiscent of Prue and Trude from Kath & Kim and prevents them from becoming their own, unique characters.

In their opening number of Double Denim Adventure Show, Brasier and Frew sing a song about audience members managing their expectations of this show based on their Golden Gibbo nominated show from last year. With some edits to the material and a stronger conclusion, there is every possibility that Brasier and Frew could in fact surpass audience expectations with this performance. 

Venue: Belleville, Globe Aly (Off Lt Bourke St) 
Season: Until 22 April | Thurs - Tues 9:45pm 
Length: 60 minutes 
Tickets: $27 - 30 Full | $25 Tightarse Tuesday 
Bookings: MICF website

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