Wednesday 27 March 2024

Shark Heist review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Cam Venn's Shark Heist was supposed to debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2020, but as we all know, that was not a year that many live performances occurred. Four years later, and we can confirm that the wait has definitely been worth it in this heist comedy show that involves sharks, seductive dancing and the world's biggest diamond. Ooooooohhhhhh!

There are plenty of twists and turns and a highly memorable montage scene as Venn plays Charles Horse, a retired thief who after spending 20 years in jail, is back for one last job. But what will this job cost him? As with Balls Deep and Charles Horse Lays An Egg, Venn displays highly original and exciting comedic instincts when it comes to telling a story.

Shark Heist
is a prop heavy show and Venn makes great use of all of them, even if they are only used for a few minutes. The opening shark costume is an absolute killer, as are the various other iterations of Terry the Shark. Sightlines are an issue with this show however, and sitting in the back three rows means you miss seeing the handful of scenes that play out on the floor.

While Venn plays a number of the characters we meet, much of Shark Heist requires assistance from the audience and while this may be daunting for some, Venn never picks anyone but rather requests if anyone would like to join him, so you can safely enjoy the show without fear of being chosen to come on stage. Venn takes care of all his volunteers and they all seem to be having a ball in being able to enter his madcap world and play with him for a while.

Shark Heist proves that Venn is not a one (egg laying) trick pony. There is a huge amount of thought, craft and skill that has gone into making this show and you can see how genuinely excited Venn is to be bringing this show to people. Shark Heist is the perfect way to spend an evening for anyone who likes their comedy with a heavy sprinkling of absurdity and full of laughs.


Venue: Motley Bauhaus, 118 Elgin St, Carlton
 until 31 March and 6 - 10 April | 7:30pm (March), 9pm (April)
 60 minutes
 $33 Full | $27 Conc
 Melbourne International Comedy Festival


  1. Thanks for this review! My biggest fear is to be picked from the audience ☺️I am so looking forward to seeing this show. I know a few who have and they absolutely raved about it n highly recommended it! Cheers 🍻

    1. My Melbourne Arts5 April 2024 at 21:10

      You're in completely safe hands with Cam. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!