Thursday 21 April 2022

Dyslexic Cowboy review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Who is the Dyslexic Cowboy? In Lachie Ross' Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Dyslexic Cowboy, it really doesn't matter. In 50 minutes, Ross performs a variety of sketches, stand-up and all that’s in between in his absurdist leaning solo comedy debut.


Ross is on the ball from the moment the show begins. His enthusiasm and dedication to his characters and each sketch is refreshing, particularly given the short duration of each skit. His ability to switch between “performing” and being himself because something has gone wrong, when it’s all part of the show, is well executed and entertaining to watch.

Ross controls all the pre-recorded sound effects to amusing comic effect and it’s exciting to see a comedian push themselves, especially when they are venturing out on their own, where all eyes are firmly set on them. These touches, combined with a complementary soundtrack and playful lighting design, allow for distinguishable world building to occur, which exceeds expectations of what is achievable from the makeshift performance space he is at for the festival.


However, when you look at these sketches through the lens of a complete set of work, they are so disparate and separate from each other that the flow of the show is impacted. Perhaps a rework of how these acts are presented and structured would have us on a far less bumpy ride. A number of the characters we are introduced to are quite interesting and going further with them and exploring their playful side or what makes them funny could be another opportunity to elevate Dyslexic Cowboy.


There’s plenty to enjoy with Dyslexic Cowboy and while there’s definitely a space for Ross to make a name for himself, some changes to the foundations of the show would provide him with greater possibility for his quirky humour to shine and connect with the audience. 


Dyslexic Cowboy was performed at Loop Project Bar and Space between 30 March to 21 April.

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