Saturday 16 April 2022

I Hope My Keyboard Doesn't Break review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Gabbi Bolt's I Hope My Keyboard Doesn't Break may be her first solo show but Bolt is no stranger to musical theatre (Ratatouille the TikTok Musical and Schapelle! Schapelle! The Musical) or to comedy (The Chaser). Bringing these two together for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Bolt sings her way through various worries and concerns she has about the world around her, like climate change, as well as issues that are of a more intimate nature, like whether she chooses to have children or not.

Bolt is extremely personable and relatable with her commentary. It never feels like she is simply going through a list of issues and ticking them off, but that each one actually means something to her, regardless of how important or impactful on the world it might be. She is one of those performers who can pack out a venue but is engaged with every single person there and gives the impression that she is speaking (and singing) to each individual in the room.

There are plenty of hilarious observations to be shared, including how white male pub-playing guitarists perceive themselves versus the reality of how we perceive them, and the desire (and envy) one has towards a home owner and to one day purchasing a place to call their own. Big or small, these stresses and anxieties about the future are merrily sung about and you can't help but get swept away by not only Bolt's clever lyrics, wit and music but also by her cheery disposition where the world's impending doom due to climate change just doesn't seem as bleak anymore.

I Hope My Keyboard Doesn't Break concludes somewhat abruptly with its final song, and could do with a rethink as it ends with more of a whimper rather than a bang. But as a first venture into the world of solo performances, Bolt gives so much to the audience to enjoy, connect with and think about, and it is very exciting to see what this hugely promising artist does next, hopefully more live shows.


The Butterfly Club, Carson Place, Melbourne CBD
until 24 April, 5:30pm
60 minutes
$35 Full | $31 Concession
The Butterfly Club and Melbourne International Comedy Festival


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