Wednesday 10 April 2019

Super Amazing Giant Girl - Melbourne International Comedy Festival review

While there are plenty of shows for adults during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, it's worth noting that there are also many geared towards the younger end of the population. In Super Amazing Giant Girl, circus performers Anna Lumb and Jez Davies take their audience on a fantastical journey of a super amazing giant girl who learns to not only accept her difference but embrace it.

Lumb is full of energy on stage and it often feels like she might actually be a child trapped inside the body of an adult. In her portrayal of super amazing giant girl, Lumb quickly establishes a character that we can all relate to and keen to support. Her hula hooping and circus tricks are as nail biting to watch than any circus production with some highly entertaining clowning and exaggerated physical comedy.

Similarly, Davies is perfect as the awkward normal height person who sees super amazing giant girl as just another person, just another friend. Davies has great rapport with Lumb and you can see the trust that has formed between them as they smoothly work through scene transitions and tricks together, this is particularly evident during Lumb's efforts in walking over glass bottles on her tippy toes.

Even with the show aimed at children, there is more than enough happening for adults to appreciate with its inclusion of 90s nostalgic-inducing childhood items like hula hoops and rollerskates. It's a clever and gentle way in linking the adult to the child and ensuring that the connection remains throughout the duration of the show. The banging soundtrack also works wonders in bridging the age gap, with tracks from AC/DC, Vampire Weekend and Velvet Underground to name a few.

An effective set design of a cityscape made entirely from cardboard boxes is a simple way of showing how giant this girl is, and serves as a good reminder of inspiring children to play and imagine. The sound and lighting elements are also well conceived, particularly the effects that super amazing giant girl's tears have on the city.

Looking around the venue on the afternoon I attended, there was not a single child who didn't have a beaming smile on their face or not captivated by the tricks on stage. Super Amazing Giant Girl is a super amazing way to introduce younger audiences to the world of theatre and the arts. It's a fun and silly show with a whole lot of heart for all ages.


Venue: Melbourne Town Hall, 100 Swanston St, Melbourne
Season: Until 21 April | Tue- Sun 11:30am
Length: 45 minutes 
Tickets: $25 Full | $20 Conc | $18 Tightarse Tuesday
Bookings: MICF website

Image Credit: Theresa Harrison

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