Wednesday 14 September 2016

Room Service: a live puzzle solving immersive horror experience

There's been a craze of escape rooms hitting Melbourne recently that is getting bigger and bigger. To the uninitiated, an escape room is a themed room (prison, vampire lair, science lab, etc, etc) where must solve puzzles and find clues to get to freedom before your time is up. Having completed 24 rooms, it's fair to say that I am a bit of a fan. However just to keep things even more interesting, the creative folks at Pop Up Playground have created an experience in which you want to remain inside the room and away from the danger that is lurking outside.

Room Service takes place in Halloween 1976 at the fancy Winterview Manor. They are holding their annual party for a secret society of wealthy people...who also happen to be cannibals, and you're on the menu. Players have thirty minutes to find codes, solve puzzles and work as a team (2-4 players) to ensure that they stay off the menu and the guests do not make their way into their kitchen.

Similar to their most recent experience, Small Time Criminals: The Live Bank Heist Experience, in which you and your team of thieves must break into a bank and steal as much money and as many valuables as possible without getting caught by the security guard, Room Service promises to be a lot of fun and excitement, especially if the creepy and tense trailer below is anything to go by.

This live puzzle-solving immersive horror experience is located upstairs at Preston Fresh Hood, 22 Cramer St, Preston and will be open from 29 September, but best to head over to the booking website and secure your spot!


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