Tuesday 1 March 2016

Time-travelling with Night Terrace

Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of science fiction. I have never watched Dr. Who and even Star Wars has never really appealed to me. So when I came across the science fiction comedy audio series Night Terrace, I was a little apprehensive about whether this type of show would be geared towards me, however, halfway through the first episode I was very much hooked.

Created by Ben McKenzie, David Ashton, Petra Elliott, John Richards and Lee Zachariah, the story revolves around retired scientist Anastasia Black, who discovers her terrace home is able to travel through time and space. The first episode "Moving House" sets the scene with Anastasia meeting university student Eddie Jones and initiates us into the world(s) of Night Terrace while at the same time, throwing us into the adventures - and misadventures - they find themselves in.

The core cast of three, Jackie Woodbourne (Neighbours' Susan Kennedy), McKenzie and Elliott are clearly passionate about the show and the sense of fun they are having while recording is evident. McKenzie is brilliant as the fumbling and somewhat naive Eddie and how his relationship with Anastasia develops, is one of the great strengths of the show. Woodbourne is a great find as Anastasia, her intelligence and superiority clearly conveyed and excellently juxtaposed with her frustrations on having to contend with Eddie.

The show also has a litany of special guests stars including Amanda Buckley, Dave Lamb, Jane Badler and Adam Richard. Season Two will also include guest spots from comedians Dave Callan and Lawrence Leung, Ian Smith (Neighbours’ Harold) and The Chasers Andrew Hansen.

Season 1 consists of eight 30-minute episodes that are cleverly written and littered with genuinely funny moments and even the occasional Neighbours reference thrown in. Despite my disinterest with the science fiction genre, the intriguing story arc and the authentic character development had me emotionally invested throughout.

The eight-episode second season launched on the auspicious date of Monday 29th February, with the entire series now available from the Night Terrace website. It is the perfect to spend your lunchbreak listening to, or for going on a short walk with, which is exactly what I will be doing!

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