Friday 6 November 2015

Wolf Boy and Zombie Dad - Big West Festival preview

Battling Narnia for the best wardrobe in town at Big West Festival will be Wolf Boy and Zombie Dad. With a combination of puppetry, mime, sound and image, father and son team, Anthony and Callum Crowley, will be taking audiences through a unique journey on life and time.

"The show is about how precious time is and how we choose to experience it, as it constantly moves through us and away from us," explains Anthony. "It's about children and how they consume it; the paradox of time. How you can dedicate hours of time to creating nothing and then how a second can reveal the universe if you are in tune to the moment."

Both Crowleys come from strong artistic and theatrical backgrounds; Anthony works as a teaching artist for various schools and was the Artistic Director of St.Martins Youth Arts Centre between 2005 - 2008.  Ten-year-old Callum, has been learning dance for five years, has trained with West Side circus, undertaken puppetry workshops, and created his own acrobatic routines. He has also performed with Action Youth in Altona and Altona City Theatre.

The concept of Wolf Boy and Zombie Dad began from some simple games between the two. "It started as a game that Callum and I will play in the car - when he will imagine there is a werewolf on the road and we will improvise as we tried to deal with the problem, very unsuccessfully." Anthony says.

"Then Callum has this other game he likes to play pretending there is a monster in the cupboard only I refuse to see it, until I DO see it and get the FRIGHT OF MY LIFE. None of that will necessarily end up in the performance we create but it got us thinking about how to take our playfulness and turn it into something intriguing for an audience. Then my wife found an old wardrobe in a Salvo's store and we thought it would make a cool puppet box to play with," He explains.

Despite their extensive work and involvement with theatre and performing, there are still some nerves about the upcoming show. "My carpentry isn't world class and we're not sure how to tie the wardrobe to the roof of the car yet! But the process is everything when you make a piece of theatre, and our process has been steady and meaningful and has brought us closer together as father and son, it is allowing us both to express something from our hearts and souls."

The intent behind the show is not just pure entertainment but to stop and reflect on life, even for just a moment. "We hope audiences will take away the beauty of children, the absurdity of parents and the existential bliss of family life in all its forms from seeing this show. We hope it stimulates great discussion around the dinner table.”

Venue: HOUSE at the Big West VillageCorner of Paisley & French Streets, Footscray
Season: 20 - 21 November | Fri-Sat 6 - 7.30pm
Tickets: FREE

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