Wednesday 11 November 2015

Miss Friby, All Alone…At Last - Big West Festival preview

The big day has arrived and you have spent so much time and energy planning the event to end all events. But then it happens: one by one all your guests cancel and you end up alone. Alone on your birthday. Presented as part of the Big West Festival, Miss Friby, all last will examine her current life status with a new dazzling and captivating burlesque cabaret show.

Green Room Award nominee and Australia's Got Talent finalist, Miss Friby, promises plenty of fun and excitement for her guests. "There will be wild theatre, hilarious banter, impeccable choreography, incredible aesthetics and the unique brand of old world theatre. The show will also feature a live band, and the back room of the reverence will be transformed into a pop-up speakeasy, fit for a true diva spectacle," she explains. To top it all off, each night will also include a special guest performer including the brilliant Sara Yael, Miss Burlesque Australia 2014 Zelia Rose and Mr Boylesque Australia 2015 Daniel Ham. 

Despite the loudness and unabashed nature of Miss Friby, performer Elizabeth Dawson-Smith states there is a deeper meaning to the show. "This work will take some of my all time favourite acts created over the years and put them into a context which explore loneliness and being alone," she says. "I feel that this is an apt theme for my current state whereby I am dissecting experiences, both my own and the experiences of others, in love, romance, relationships and the expectations we place on each other to co-exist. The short version: I've been single for ages and I have absolutely no idea how I feel about that!"

"Furthermore, this show is special to me as it's a chance for me to perform my favourite acts and to work with live music again. There is a sense of freedom I am giving myself with this work, I am allowing myself to try new things, build a more comprehensive narrative and explore the character 'Miss Friby'," Dawson-Smith says. 

"Most importantly it's about being a very proud 'westie' and being able to deliver work on home ground. Having grown up in the west my whole life, I feel that this show will likely be a frank conversation with my community, about being a creative in one of the most culturally inspiring and character eccentric places."

With Miss Friby, all last, Dawson-Smith is looking at giving people a break from routine and provide an evening where they can simply enjoy what's on stage. "I want to create a work that takes people away from their daily grind, makes them laugh, feel inspired, and reflect on their own character quirks through my parody performances. I love igniting flames for new theatre audiences," Dawson-Smith says. "Nothing makes me happier then hearing from theatre 'first timers' who have just realised that the theatre can be fun, invigorating and exciting, and then I send them out, pumped to see more shows. That's kind of like the superhero moment for thespians. Huzzah!" 

Venue: The Reverence Hotel, 28 Napier St, Footscray
Season: 25 - 28 November | Wed-Sat 8pm
Tickets: $28 Full | $25 Conc
Bookings: Big West Festival

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