Sunday 15 November 2015

Little Wooden Caravan: Shared Table - Big West Festival preview

For something a little more intimate and a little different at this year's Big West Festival, then head over to Little Wooden Caravan: Shared Table; a ten-minute show for two people at a time. The story unfolds as each person follows a unique set of instructions to animate the objects on the table and create a story with unexpected twists and turns.

"It's up to them to create the performance for each other," explains creator, the indirect Object."The experience is a bit like being inside a talking book, where voices narrate a story and give each person different instructions. You are both watching and creating the performance at the same time, but you don't know what the other person will do next. What story you get to experience is all up to chance, it might be a tragedy, a comedy, or something in-between!"  

"The audience listen and respond, not just to the instructions, but also to each other. Every show will be different because every participant will respond differently to the instructions. Some will be timid, some very enthusiastic. Pairs of friends or partners might work competitively together; others might discover tenderness in someone they didn't know was there. Strangers might make a new friend. There are endless possibilities and we're really excited to see what happens!"

The indirect Object team has recently returned from performing at the World Puppetry Festival in France, with two shows, Les Méduses and The Love of 57 Oranges. "It was an equally thrilling and terrifying experience but you can't stay terrified for long because the energy is so intoxicating. There's a show on every corner, and you're surrounded by people from all over the world who love puppetry as much as you do," they recall. "The Love of 57 Oranges is a very silly show. We fight, we spit, we throw oranges at each other and we torture oranges in ridiculous ways. Les Méduses on the other hand, was a different experience all together, serene, beautiful, whimsical and meditative. Les Méduses are giant illuminated jellyfish puppets, and people just loved them."

The ocean theme continues with Wooden Caravan: Shared Table, where audiences will be able to choose between air, land or water for their adventure. "We decided to use classic well-known tales that are thought-provoking in their own way. One story is  based on a classic novel, another on a myth, and the last on a fable. The experience is a lot of fun, so expect to be intrigued and enchanted either way. Go with an open heart and a open mind and let yourself be immersed in 10 minutes of magic and play."

Venue: HOUSE at the Big West Village, Corner of Paisley & French Streets, Footscray
Season: 20 - 22 November | Fri, Sun 6-8pm
Tickets: FREE

Venue: Street PartyNicholson Street Mall, Footscray
Season: 21 November | Sat 10-4pm
Tickets: FREE

Info: Big West Festival
Further Info: Get down early to book your spot.

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