Sunday 8 November 2015

Blood! Death! Show! - Big West Festival preview

Halloween may have come and gone, but there is never a wrong time to experience a haunted house. Created as part of the Big West Festival, Blood! Death! Show! is a haunted house by Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) in collaboration with 11 year old children in which adults and children are free to view and interact with the work. 

O'Farrell, a multi-art performer, creates large-scale installation and theatre works with, and for, the community. With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, these works aim to celebrate diversity and bring people together in hilarious and unlikely situations.

Blood! Death! Show! was facilitated by 100 Story Building, a centre for young writers in Footscray. "It was the right type of framework to approach Deer Park North Primary School and start an art making process. We wanted to create work in the school, while at the same time giving the young people an opportunity to interact and engage with this fantastic venue,” O’Farrell says.

"This project is an opportunity to facilitate an arts-making process with a community group and assist in bringing their dreams and spooky visions to life. It's very important that this work empowers young people as young artists and gives them an experience of a true collaboration."

"We will be building a big installation out of cardboard and recyclable materials and making sound tracks, sound effects, video works and recording and drawing stories of urban myths that are present in the local area," he explains. "It's interesting to note the similarities in urban myths that inhabit the youth culture. There are a couple of similar characters that exist between the UK and Australia and I've always found that SUPER interesting. There is always one myth that surfaces that everyone has a shared experience of in each place I go."

With someone spending so much time creating haunted houses, the question needs to be asked, what is O'Farrell's favourite scary movie? "I will never forget the first time I watched Paranormal Activity! And the only movie I have never been able to watch to the end is Texas Chainsaw Massacre." While there will be plenty of scares and frights in Blood! Death! Show!, I am assured there will be no chainsaws. Maybe.

Venue: 100 Story Building, 92 Nicholson St, Footscray
Season: 21 - 22 November | Sat-Sun 11-4pm
Tickets: FREE

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