Saturday 6 April 2024

Still Dry White review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

It's not often you go to a 50-minute show and have a comedian open up for the main act. But that's what happened in Still Dry White, where the enthusiastic, loud and animated Bron Lewis came out for a few minutes to get us all hyped up for Nick Schuller. Once he's on stage though, you realise it's time to wine it down, as his energy could not be any more opposite to Lewis'. He barely moves, is monotone and very very dry. It's a bit jarring at first, but it's a smart way for Schuller to subvert expectations of what stand-up has to be that makes Still Dry White a ridiculously fun evening.

Schuller doesn't reach for anything too dramatic in terms of material and stories he tells. He's not talking about politics or making grand statements about the state of the world, but small everyday things, like golf (presumably), uber deliveries and sex education. With the tone and pace that he sets, it actually makes these jokes quite intriguing and ending them with unexpected punchlines.

It's challenging to maintain a low energy persona in comedy, but Schuller cleverly introduces a section in the work, based on a previous reviewer suggestion, where he includes some one-line zingers to keep the audience engaged. This results in wonderful hilarity and even causes Schuller to crack slightly. It is such a joy seeing him trying to prevent the small smile that forms across his face.

The old adage "It's always the quiet ones you got to watch out for" springs to mind regarding Schuller and his show. If you like dry humour, you should see Still Dry White. If you like white wine, you should also see the show, as Schuller hands out a few bottles of wine at the end of the show. You may wine a little at his pour decisions, but you are guaranteed to laugh a lot.


Venue: Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton
 until 7 April | Fri - Sat 8:30pm, Sun 7:30pm
 50 minutes
 $28 Full | $25 Conc | $22 Tightarse Tuesday
 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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