Saturday 13 April 2024

Fashion 4 Passion review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

We've all been guilty of purchasing fast fashion. Whether it be because of the price point, or you need something you're only going to wear once (which should be all the time!!!) or because you simply need to have variety in your clothing options. In Fashion 4 Passion, Jennifer Laycock and Samantha LeClaire expose the seedy underbelly of fast fashion and influencer lifestyle in a series of wild sketches that puts the fashion industry under the microscope of ethics.

The duo begins each sketch with a TikTok inspired voiceover with a POV of the scenario that is about to be played out. That means point of view and not poverty as the women cautiously let us know. So, we get "POV. When you wear the same outfit as someone else to a party." Shock! Horror! Recoil! It's a great palette cleanser to start the scenes with, while reminding us of the prominent role that online influencers play in fast fashion commerce.

The sketches offer varying levels of insight into the world of fast fashion, some are more obvious than others, but in doing so, it allows Fashion 4 Passion to be more creative, fun and surprising. This all culminates in an epic battle between the Fast Fashion monster that is represented in an extremely effective way. There are brilliant original songs in the mix, as well as a shopping movie makeover montage, which is as hysterically cheesy as it sounds.

Laycock and LeClaire are engaging performers and their body language and facial expression are just as funny as their words and acts. These are personas that they know very well, and are comfortable playing with and interacting with each other and the audience.

Fashion 4 Passion is most definitely 50 minutes of nonsense, but it's nonsense that keep you on your toes as you eagerly await to see what sketch Laycock and LeClaire will do next. Its chaotic mess is matched with a clear structure that comes with plenty of laughs and leaves room for the audience to gently reevaluate their relationship to fast fashion. Laycock and LeClaire are not like other influencers, they're cool influencers, and Fashion 4 Passion is a very cool show.


Venue: The Malthouse, 113 Sturt St, Southbank
 until 21 April | Tues - Sat 7:30pm, Sun 6:30pm
 50 minutes
 $32 Full | $28 Conc | $20 Tightarse Tuesday
 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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