Friday 14 October 2022

Mush review (Melb Fringe)

Where has Jeromaia Detto been all my life? The actor / clown / improvisor has brought an incredibly delightful near hour of hilarity to the Melbourne Fringe Festival with his show Mush. Regardless if the title refers to something soft, spongy and shapeless or sickeningly sweet sentimentality, and to be honest, it's probably both, the laughs are plentiful as Detto takes us on a journey into his head and his way of seeing the world.

What's refreshing about Mush is that there is little to no "adult content", it's all such wholesome and innocent fun and it's a wonderful way to forget the stresses and worries of real life and throw yourself into the sketches of a waiter who thrives off applause or a conductor eager to get his rehearsals started. Character sketches follow one after the other as we take a seat inside Detto's wacky brain.

Of course, a show like this relies on audience engagement and audience participation, and Detto excels in with both of these. He has a variety of characters up his sleeve and every time he exits the stage, you have no idea who will be popping back in. Priests, photographers and inanimate objects are all part of his absurd repertoire.

Detto is very clever with his audience participation, building up from having us simply accepting something from him, to interacting with us from our seat to eventually having us on stage with him - all voluntarily though. He creates such a playful and warm environment that there were instances where audience members would contribute to a scene without even being prompted.

His charisma and affable nature are a huge drawcard to this kind of comedy and theatre and Detto displays immense skills as a clown and an improvisor. It’s a winning combination that brings sheer joy while watching Mush. With three performances left at Melbourne Fringe, you would be mad to not go and experience it for yourself.

Show Details

Venue: The Motley Bauhaus, 118 Elgin St, Carlton

Season: until 16 October | 9:30pm
Duration: 50 minutes

Tickets: $20 Full | $17 Concession
Bookings: Melbourne Fringe Festival

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  1. TRUE true. Caught his show in Syd - hilarious!