Sunday 12 December 2021

Werk It – Tight Fit review

The venue might be small, but the energy emanating from the stage during Werk It - Tight Fit's circus show is incredible. For many in the audience, it is their return to the performing arts, and for myself, as an avid circus attendee, there is much excitement and anticipation at seeing my first live circus in close to two years. Fortunately the five acrobats do not disappoint, with Vincent van Berkel, Lisa Lottie, Richard Sullivan, Cassia Jamieson, and Malia Walsh performing a number of acts that display their skills and entrance the room.

Lottie's hula hoops act involves numerous hoops moving at incredible speeds on various parts of her body. Her later return to the stage has her completing a hoop striptease that continues to showcases her skill while adding a layer of sexy mischief. Real life strong woman Jamieson astounds the audience with her strength, particularity during her group act with Walsh and van Berkel. The familiarity and support the performers provide to each other highlights the trust between them, which is particularly important given the extremely small stage they have to use, where one misplaced step could mean falling off the stage or head-butting the hanging lights.

The looseness and high spirits of the show and cast is a great complement and contrast to the hard work and grind being presented through the acts, however some structural changes would assist with tightening this production and building on the energy of each individual performance. Richardson has a great juggling act but it is missing the "go off with a bang" factor that a closing act requires. It's unclear why the acrobatic trio act does not end the show; an act where given the close proximity of performers to audience is an absolute thrill to watch. Despite an advertised running time of 60 minutes, Werk It - Tight Fit is over after 45 minutes so it could benefit from giving some of its performers the opportunity to return for a second solo act. Van Berkel, who impresses in all he does, from his interpretation of Madonna's "Vogue" to completing a back-flip while holding a 12kg kettle bell, is particularly underused,

With their neon bright costumes, a killer soundtrack of songs, a sassy attitude and general tomfoolery, the team from Werk It - Tight Fit allow us to sink in our chairs - and sometimes sit on their edges - and get swept up in the fun and entertainment being presented to us by some of the country's finest acrobats.


Venue: The Parlour, Grattan Gardens, Prahran
Season: 12 December, 6pm
Duration: 760 minutes
Tickets: $35 Full | $27 Concession
Bookings: So Soiree

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