Wednesday 5 April 2017

The Birds and The Beats review - Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Have you ever wanted to know something about sex but were too afraid to ask? Well thanks to The Birds and the Beats, you need fear no more. Presented as part of this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Grant Busé spends his time informing us on the truth about the birds and bees through his unique fusion of stand up, storytelling and music.

What is striking about Busé as a performer is his utmost honesty and openness. Even with his parents in the audience on the evening attended, he doesn't shy away from any topic or question, especially when he bravely asks the audience if they have any questions for him about his own sex life. There is a good pacing to the show, where it creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere while also having an awareness of how long to keep a story and when to move on.

An accomplished musician, Busé set list covers a variety of genres with the aid of a looping pedal, guitar, and a quick trumpet interlude thrown in too. Themes raised in the songs range from protecting oneself from sexually transmitted infections, his true love and consent. The latter features throughout the show and highlights how little this is taught in schools and how the concept of "no mean no" is barely understood or respected.

The Birds and the Beats emphasises that sex can be great, fun and sometimes a little scary, such as when you forget the safety word, but Busé ensures that we remain entertained and educated along the way, I even learnt something from attending this show.

As with his previous show, The Late Night Sexy Show, The Birds and the Beats is an amusing, intelligent and refreshing exploration on sex positivity and promoting open and frank discussions on something that everyone does but don't often talk about.

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Venue: Number 12 La Barre Electronique, 12 Bourke St, Melbourne.
Season: until 23 April | Tues - Sun 9.30pm
Length: 55 minutes
Tickets: $22.30 Full | $20.30 Conc
| $15.30 Tightarse Tuesday
Bookings: MICF website  

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