Thursday 21 January 2016

Grant Busé: The Late Night Sexy Show - Midsumma Festival review

Even though it plays at the not-so-late night sexy time of 8.30pm, you may want to fasten your seatbelts with The Late Night Sexy Show, as you’re going to be in for a bumpy night! Performed as part of the 2016 Midsumma Festival, musician, singer and comedian, Grant Busé humorously explores the wonderful world of sex, sexiness and everything else in between.

Busé enters the stage in a suit, gradually losing one piece of clothing with every sexy song he performs. Between songs, we are treated to some erotic reading material that will have everyone getting a little hot under the collar and spend some “quality time” with Busé in which he calls out questions to the audience and in return, we direct questions to him regarding sex, desire and anything else we can think of.

Talking about the topic of sex can be an incredible awkward thing to do, as is creating a safe and welcoming environment for all audience members regardless of sex, gender and sexuality. Whether it be singing about the perils of car sex or having that connection with someone, Busé’s cheeky sense of humour allows him to build a strong rapport with everyone and therefore welcomes us to relate to his experiences and observations.

Busé has a strong  appealing singing voice which he puts to full use. The variety of original songs he sings and music he plays nicely showcase the range in which he can perform. Much like the show itself, Busé allows sex to be imaginative, emotional and invigorating but also for it to be fun, respectful and not dirty (except in the good way). Even when he takes on a more serious tone with regards to sexual consent and equal marriage rights – in one of the best numbers of the evening, “Hypocrite” – it is executed in a suitably serious yet light-hearted manner, where the laughs are permitted to keep on coming.

At one point during the show, Busé referred to The Late Night Sexy Show as being a “silly, stupid, sexy show”. I would like to add ‘highly entertaining, cleverly constructed, sharply written and full of laughs’ to that description. There’s a reason this show has received sell-out seasons throughout the country and overseas, and with its short run during the Midsumma Festival, I would act quickly on seeing this one. Busé has a burgeoning talent and charm that is very close to exploding onto the Melbourne comedy scene.

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: Until 24 January | Wed – Sun 8.30pm
Tickets: $32 Full | $28 Conc
Bookings: Midsumma Festival

* Original review appeared on Theatre Press on 21 January

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