Friday 11 September 2015

Suburbia presented by Gold Satino - Melbourne Fringe Festival preview

For those who dare, how about taking an evening drive through the suburbs of the inner north and watching some of its residents going about their lives? With Suburbia, you can do just that. Three audience members are picked up at the front of the North Melbourne Town Hall and squeezed into the back of a Honda to see suburbia in a very different light. It's a literal journey through everyday yet surreal streetscapes and experiences. There will also be snacks.

"It's about driving with mum and dad at night and also about being frightened about all the weird shit that happens after 10pm in the suburbs," Davina Wright, writer and director of Suburbia explains. "It's also about looking at things and how looking at things helps us be okay. I guess we can say expect the unexpected! No one has said that before right?"

Whether it’s been said before or not is beside the point, as there are plenty of surprises in store for its passengers. “Suburbia asks the audience to just watch the possibilities for an hour. Because when we look up – when we decide to look then we can be really surprised by what we see, and strange shit happens when you’re looking," Wright says.

"We all look at our phones A LOT and our brains are slowly going grey from them and that’s why we decided to put the show in a car. There are so many dark, beautiful and strange spaces in the suburbs where things happen, things we don’t see because we’re not looking. I first got excited about the show when I realised I had the opportunity to present images in the places I found them in.”

Suburbia is coming to Fringe from a sell-out season at the Anywhere Theatre Festival in Frankston and the exciting thing about this show is the constant change and freshness to it depending on the 'venue'. "The show is developed around where we are. We spend a lot of time trying to work out if the journey feels right. It really is about where we are, us and the audience, and looking at these places that we often don’t look at or don’t go to," she says.

"With Suburbia, we are offering a unique theatrical dysfunction. There will be love! And violence! And popcorn! Gen Y will be right at home. Maybe someone will even get her boobs out and stab someone. It could even be like Game of Thrones in a Honda Jazz," Wright jokes. "There is also a level of trust involved in a show like this – once you sign on for the journey – there is no real way out. So it’s exciting for us to see so many people giving us the opportunity to take them on an adventure." Better fasten your seat belts!

With many sessions already sold out and only three tickets per show, bookings for this show are imperative!

Venue: Fringe Hub, Arts House, 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne, 3051 *meet on steps*
Season: 18 September - 2 October | Tues-Sat 8pm and 9.30pm | 3 October 7pm and 8.30pm
Tickets:$30 Full | $25 Conc

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