Friday 3 April 2015

WOMANz review

Created from a rock that impregnated a star, WOMANz (Tessa Waters), is a sparkly sequined big-haired, self-loving machine, and she is here to teach to us about loving ourselves, each other and our crotchal area. In fact, there is much love for the crotchal area. 

Waters has charisma, and builds on this through her goofy facial expressions and interaction with the audience to the point where without any coaxing, she manages to get everyone standing up and performing in a ridiculous but fun dance routine. I can safely say I never expected myself to ever crump, especially in a room full of strangers, but then that's what WOMANz is about; letting go of insecurities and fear and doing what feels good and fun.

There was a point where the repetitive nature of the show proved to be a little tiresome. Yes, the silly faces were funny and the physical theatre on display was interesting but when there is very little differentiation of this and at times, going on for too long, it started to wear thin. 

The scattered song and dance moments helped with maintaining the interest, in particular Waters' hilarious Viking costumed opera moment in which we discover what it is that sets this woman off. This show is all about the feelings and being open to each other, and with one final touch by Waters, as you leave WOMANz, there is no alternative but to feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 

WOMANz implores everyone to love, explore and own their bodies. In a time where we - especially women - are inundated with how to get the perfect body and how to achieve happiness and how to be successful, WOMANz just wants us to be. 

Venue: Melbourne Town Hall, Cnr Swanston & Collins St, Melbourne.
Season: Until 19 April | Tue-Sat 9:45pm, Sun 8:45pm
Tickets: $27 Full | $24 Conc
Bookings: Ticketmaster

* Original review appeared on Theatre Press on 2 April

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