Friday 29 March 2024

I Love Money review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

Money does indeed make the world go round, and in I Love Money, Jett Bond presents a show that revolves all around money. The sketch comedy explores money through various perspectives and ideas from retirement parties, greedy landlords and a magician who can make cash disappear with a click of their fingers.

Bond's energy is at sky high levels that is maintained with the eccentric characters we meet and the peculiar worlds we are introduced to. The show comes to a slight pause a couple of times due to technical issues, and for one that is as pre-recorded sound dependent as this, it could cause quite a problem, but Bond treats it like a small inconvenience and continues on with the sketch, with audience members spontaneously jumping in to add sound effects at one point.

Beyond the tech issues though, Bond needs to make sure the sound level does not interfere with or hinder the performance. Music and sound effects are blasted from the speakers throughout I Love Money that made it near impossible to hear what they were saying, even when they were speaking into the microphone.

Sketch comedy is like watching a compilation of short films, there's going to be ones you like, ones you love and ones you wouldn't mind never seeing again. I Love Money has a mix of all three, with the highlight being a landlord who arrives to the show with his executive ticket that allows him to sit wherever he wants. Some of the less successful ones, like the fish and chip shop staff, feel too obtuse or vague about the economy and wealth.

I Love Money would benefit from a tighter structure with a link between each sketch. There needs to be clearer observations or explorations about our obsession with money and wanting to have more of it, that would subsequently allow Bond to keep our interest at the same level as our interest rates: high.


Venue: Motley Bauhaus, 118 Elgin St, Carlton
 until 5 April | 8:30pm
 50 minutes
 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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