Thursday 6 April 2023

Hot Nonsense review (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

The structure of Hot Nonsense is pretty straightforward. Our singer / performer, Matt Storer has a chart with five categories running down (Love, Sex, Flex, Rant and Smart) and four quality levels represented by emojis (poo, a musical note, a flame and a fried egg) going across. The audience take it in turns to pick one - Love Poo for example - and Storer performs a song that encapsulates that combination.

While it may sound very transactional, Storer makes sure that the passing of the baton from one audience member to another is done in a fun way and has us communicating with each other. He has a genuine interest in talking with each person about the selection they have made, its relatability and about what they have heard. His energy never wavers and he keeps the momentum going from start to finish.

We go through roughly 15 songs in the 60 minutes. There are some very entertaining numbers with a personal favourite being the Smart Flame (pick it and see). There are a few that feel out of place or not handled as well as they could though. The song "Lady Privilege" is supposed to be an ironic takedown of male privilege but ends up being more cringe that evolves into silly pun territory, which is usually fine, but the way it gets to that point in this instance doesn't work.

The majority of the music is pre-recorded and you quickly forget that there is a keyboard on the stage. We eventually get a song on the keyboard and it gets people’s attention and draws them into the numbers. While it is all luck based with regards to what we choose/hear, having more where Storer is playing an instrument live would allow for a more enjoyable experience.

Hot Nonsense is a show that does exactly what it says on the label with Storer presenting a variety of silly songs that will have you rolling your eyes or laughing or both. He's got the idea and form of the show nailed but there are opportunities to push himself as a performer and to lift this show to becoming something truly stand-out.


Venue: Mantra on Russell, 222 Russell St, Melbourne
until 9 April | 6:30pm
60 minutes
$27 Full | $22 Conc
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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