Monday 27 March 2017

The Worst - Melbourne International Comedy Festival preview

Have you heard the legend of The Worst? A game so terrible, that time itself has tried to wipe it from the memory of all living beings? But its creator, Clara Cupcakes, is not so willing to have the game disappear and never see the light of day again, so she's bringing The Worst to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where everything will finally be exposed. While this appears to literally be a show about Clara inventing a video game staring herself as an octopus, there is a lot more going on than first meets the eye.

"The Worst started as a show about my terrible ex-boyfriend. Doing a show about your ex is a bit of a comedy cliché and I wanted in," she tells me. "But as I started writing it I realised I actually didn't care about him at all anymore, so while it's still about that time in my life but the part I still have feelings about, which is how I was the worst. WOAH THAT'S THE NAME OF THE SHOW! WOAH IT ALL TIES IN!"

 The Worst is clearly going to be something very different to her previous critically acclaimed efforts, the Golden Gibbo nominated Merchant of Whimsy and Hot Patootie, which is something that Clara intentionally set out to achieve. "It is so different! The Worst has a proper storyline and it's by far my most real show about some very real things that have happened to me," she elaborates. "It's also set in the most surreal environment I've done for a show which I only just realised now. It was super intentional to make it different. I get bored pretty easily. I'm shaking it up for myself and pushing myself to try new things. I'm quite afraid of the show because it is very real but I think this is a good thing."

Clara Cupcakes is an infectious and unique character on the comedy and performance circuit. From burlesque to stand-up to clowning, she is easily the full package of eccentricity and fun. "She is the part that has had too much coffee in the morning. The part that gets delirious when you're very tired. The glamorous parts and the ugly bits. The drunk bits. The highest happiness and the saddest slumps. The fear," Clara explains. "All these parts are used to mash together and squeeze into the hideous performer shaped meat sausage of a character that she is and then slap on far too much blush. Is that a process? Probably, and she look very professional doing it."

Cabaret performer Geraldine Quinn has been working as director for The Worst, someone whose guidance and eye was imperative to creating the show in the way that Clara envisioned. "Gerry has known me from the very start of my comedy career. She has seen me grow, encouraged me and pushed me right from the start. Most importantly she believes in me," she says. "She will also tell me when my ideas are terrible or tweak them so they aren't. And sends me messages prodding me to write it when I am procrastinating which is very very important because I do that a lot."

"I'm actually still writing parts of it so it could completely change from what it is now to what you end up seeing on stage, so I don't want to give too much away," Clara says. "It's going to be a lot of fun though. The costume is a massive unitard, which is comfy as heck and allows for so much lunging. I have one big prop and a lot of eggs. So many gross, gross eggs. I'm going to say it's more streamlined than things I've previously done but much much sillier. That seems accurate."


The one food I cannot live without is sugar. During MICF I need it for energy. That's probably bad but shut up Peter Evans you aren't a real doctor go activate some almonds or something.

My most cringeworthy moment in on stage is when my parents came to see me and it was a very bad show. Just so very bad I cannot express. I had judges in as well and they were equally upset with the show. 

A movie that sums up my life is The Avengers because I look great in a goatee, I burst out of my clothes quite often, I'm underestimated by the men around me, I'm handy with a hammer and I sassily murder people with arrows. Did I forget one? OH! Captain America. Well I do have a good butt that looks great in spandex. Done. Boom. Butts. Woo! 

How many seconds before you can't eat food off the floor? I'm going to be honest and say quite a few unless you live in my house where things are immediately covered in cat hair the millisecond they hit the ground.

During MICF, I really want to eat vegetables but we all know that wont happen and I'll devolve into a haze of #sadmicfmeals. 

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: 10 - 23 April | Mon - Sun 8.30pm
Length: 60 minutes
Tickets: $32 Full | $25 Conc

Bookings: MICF website

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