Friday 28 October 2016

Sizzling summer fun is coming to The Butterfly Club

GRUMBLE: Sex Clown Saves the World
Summer is on its way and so is The Butterfly Club's curated summer program. Nestled just off Little Collins St. (between Swanston and Elizabeth St.), this iconic Melbourne bar and theatre space has put together a very interesting and varied collection of shows completely in line with its own quirkiness and slightly off-centre vibe.

Opening the season is Betty Grumble's Sex Clown Saves the World, which is bound to leave you wondering what the hell you just saw. The show includes wild neo burlesque, self-defence aerobics and a butoh kookaburra, so go along and witness the Queen of the Obscene and all her rage, desires and internal organs in a shamanic striptease.

Similarly, Distinguished Gentlemen (but really just a couple of cunts) is another mind-fuck comedy with an over the top tale of buggery with class. This farcical work follows two distinguished gentlemen who set out to destroy each other’s reputation, while also attempting to bang a mysterious young gentleman at the same time, is said to be the love child of Black Adder, The Young Ones and Queer as Folk and should be a guarantee for some highly inappropriately camp laughs.

Moving to something more macabre Suburban Gothic is an exploration of the deep dark psyche of suburbia. The multi Green Room Award-winning creators of The Beautiful Losers return with a show that takes terrible things and sing about them; Pauline Hanson, demons, vampires, Reclaim Australia rallies, nothing is safe in this exploration of urban horror that should not be missed.

If romance is more your style, then The Adventures of Yoni 1 and Yoni 2 is the show for you. Yoni 1 and Yoni 2 are two vaginas that want to get married but can't so they decide to go on a cycling trip through Europe instead. The producers have advised the costumes for this show will be two anatomically correct vaginas and that alone is enough for me to want to see this one!

Losing You (twice)
Perhaps the most curious of The Butterfly Club's pickings is one that is not comedy, cabaret or completely out there, but a heartfelt performance on loss and grief. Losing You (twice) is based on the true events surrounding Dan O'Keeffe, a young man who went missing from his Geelong home in 2011. A nation wide search began but in 2016, his remains were tragically found underneath the family home. Performed and devised by his sister, Kate shares the experience of those five years and the grief shared since his discovery.

If while reading through this list, you can't find anything that appeals to you - which should be impossible - never fear because there are loads more shows being presented at The Butterfly Club each week, so check out their website for upcoming performances.

Oh, and did I mention each of these shows will have a specially created cocktail during its run? The Lusty Bugger is a personal favourite.

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